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Our mission include helping Black Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) as well as otherwise marginalized communities (i.e., disabled, elderly, economically and educationally challenged, women, single parents, and many more) address environmental and social injustices especially associated with any aspect of climate change.  Join JAPRI's community of activists and allies as we work towards a better and more just world.

During the past  couple of years, JAPRI has been working with communities and other NGOs addressing COVID-19 health and educational issues.  The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the baseline inequities in health, employment, etc. - across race, class, gender, age, ability, etc.

For more recent information on the demographic breakout of COVID-19 cases and deaths, see the CDC Racial Data Dashboard.

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Who We Are

Inspired by social movements of the past, JAPRI began in 2017 when it was evident that social and environmental injustices impacting BIPOC and other wise marginalized communities was not going to be solved in the manner that the government was currently addressing it.   JAPRI's Community Programs challenges the status quo, holding our leaders accountable and fighting for solutions that will transform society.  At the same time, JAPRI is working with its allies to build Capacity and Voting Power in those communities especially in NC.

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Everyone Counts



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No Person or Creature Should be Silenced

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Ready to make an impact? Contact us to learn how we can begin working together.

2350 Saintsville Road, Greenville, NC  27834

252-295-8380 or 252-301-4006


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